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Trim & Embellishment Workshops

"All good hats are made out of nothing" Oscar Wilde

Having learned to block a straw or felt hat, the next challenge for many students is successful trimming of their hats. Learn to create elegant sashing, draping and bows with silk dupioni, organza and chiffon fabrics or ribbons. Create simple or dramatic trims with flowers, feathers, straw braids, felt and straw remainders. Please plan to bring several hats that are ready for trimming. - (the brims are sewn or finished and the headsize ribbons sewn in)  Most work will be done by hand with some light use of sewing machines. You decide how fast you work and how much you do. Wayne always does his best to ensure everyone leaves with professional looking hats they will enjoy wearing. 

Create vintage inspired and unique contemporary embellishments and trims using your “scrap” felt, straw and fabric. You will fashion feathers, leaves, ties & bows, nuts and pods and learn to wire your materials for expert control of shape and line. 


Students should have some felt and straw hat blocking experience but it is not required. We will not be blocking in this workshop but it would be useful to have a one or two untrimmed hats to experiment with the trims on. There will be untrimmed hats on hand to experiment with or to purchase. Please email Wayne for questions.


Check back for future dates

Fee: $425.00  - All felt, straw, straw braid, fabric materials and all wire and findings for your samples are included in the workshop fee. Additional materials may be purchased as needed during the workshop.


Trim and Embellishment Idea Board